INGBOX™ cloud storage service offers robust set of features that are required by our most demanding customers.


Users are given their own elastic data storage which can be expanded as required. No need for USB sticks or hard disk drives. Users take all their storage with them wherever they go. INGBOX™ is accessible from any device such as a PC, MAC, iOS or Android device with an internet connection.


Users can share files with their colleagues, customers or partners regardless of whether they are inside their firewall or outside. Files can even be shared to users who do not have a INGBOX™ account. With file sharing expiration controls users can share folders or files for with others for a specified duration. Shared files can be secured and monitored to see who and when files were downloaded or viewed.


Synchronisation capability allows users to synchronise multiple devices with the INGBOX™. Users do not need to carry their computers and files on storage devices. Files can be synchronized with their local PC or mobile device to allow access while not connected to the Internet and any amendments will be automatically sychronised with the local service once connection to the internet is reestablished.

Versioning & Roll back

INGBOX™ provides advanced document and folder versioning. If you need to go back in time to view an earlier version of a document, so as files are updated INGBOX™ stores earlier revisions, this helps facilitate document review process.

Advanced Sync

If you have even needed to sychronise multiple folders on your PC or servers, Advanced Sync capability allows user to configure specific folders to be synchronized with INGBOX™.

Audit Trail

Who modified share or accessed what and when, is often a difficult question to answer. INGBOX™ provides powerful controls to maintain oversight over the INGBOX™ system. Audit tracking can be extended across INGBOX™ to monitor file access, sharing, downloads and many more system related tasks.


With the advanced permissions model that INGBOX™ provides a robust security permissions framework to ensure file access is controlled. Thanks to extensive permissions capabilities privileges such as view, edit, download, copy, upload can all be controlled to a user or group level.


With the INGBOX™ simple workflow engine users can orchestrate a systematic approach to delivery services to customers allowing for traceable repeatable process to deliver great customer satisfaction.


Users can use the BackHome™ feature to remotely access devices such as their home computer or work computer while on the road. Through the unique INGBOX™ agent and a secure permissions structure allows for secure and access to your personal files from any device even if those files are on your computer back home.


At the heart of INGBOX™ is a robust security philosophy going to extraordinary lengths to ensure our customer data is secure from malicious intruders, accidental exposure and ensuring we are governed by European laws to ensure your data is treated in accordance with EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.

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