The Ingbox team's mission is to provide solutions that enable you to store, manage, and deliver your most important data and valuable information, safely, securely, and anytime over the Internet, to your employees and business partners. Our Ingbox solution is safe, fast and easy to use and can be accessed with all popular devices via a browser, an app or desktop clients.

We attach great importance to the security and protection of your data and information and that is precisely why our hosting center is located exclusively in Germany. Your data is safe and secure here and is hosted by us under German and European law. The German hosting center is exclusively in possession of German companies. In this way we protect your data and information in the best possible way against the access and misuse of "foreign" states and organizations. Exactly for this reason, we provide our inbox as a German cloud solution for your data and information!

The founders of Ingbox are experienced and successful "IT pioneers", each of whom has more than 25 years of experience with Internet applications and mission-critical applications. Since the beginning of the internet age, we have been part of the modern IT world and know the questions, requirements, and challenges of modern cloud solutions very well. The Ingbox solution was designed and developed based on these experiences.

In the development of inbox, from the idea to implementation and provisioning for the German market, more than 10+ person years of experience and expertise flowed in, until we were able to provide this outstanding product to the German market.

The founders of inbox share the same vision and are committed to the protection and security of your data and information, so that only you can decide who to share your information with and who can access them.

We are proud of the Ingbox solution and that your data is securely and securely hosted in the cloud.

The founders will be happy to arrange a conversation to answer your important questions and concerns personally.