Ingbox™ is a full featured secure cloud-based document management and file sharing service, which allows businesses to synchronize and centralize their documents. The service, in turn, provides access to your documents and files from anywhere in the world and from different devices. Because your business' documents are so important, Ingbox™ also offers ironclad security and protection.

The speed of business

Increasingly, businesses are dealing with employees, customers and clients who are spread out all over the country and even the world. In order to share documents, they have typically had to rely upon insecure web apps, email, FTP, VPNs, or physical storage devices such as USBs and SD cards .

Ingbox™ is the ideal way for your business to manage the volume of documents that it processes. With it, you can wave goodbye to the inefficient solutions of yesterday.

The old way

While the old ways worked for a time, they have a number of shortcomings:

  • Large attachments can cause emails to be blocked.
  • Physical media can become lost, damaged or stolen.
  • Real-time collaboration is'nt a possibility.
  • You never know if your document was received or viewed
  • Do you really trust consumer based drop boxes that have family photos and personal files, it often gets mixed up

The Ingbox™ way

  • Documents of any size are seamlessly synced from different devices.
  • Files and folders are available around the clock from anywhere.
  • Employees can access and collaborate on documents in real time.
  • Customers and clients can be provided with secure document access.
  • No blurring lines between personal and professional shares


Education Content Providers

Textbooks can be hosted securely, allowing students to access course work easily and quickly which out the need to carry expensive and heavy textbooks that are prone to damage.

Supporting Content

Electronic textbooks can have additional embedded resources, such as audio content for students with reading difficulties or supporting video content and even teacher provided sources.

Testing and Learning Assessments

Teachers and content providers can embed learning assessments linked to course work sections. Assessments are confidential and can be self-marking enabling teachers to assess the progress of student progress and free up time and improving accuracy.


Windows File Server Back-up

Ingbox™ enables organisations to automatically back-up their critical fileserver data to a secure and safe offline storage facility. By way of the Ingbox™ Server Agent your file server directories can be selected for back-up.

Client Desktop and Laptop Back-up

Do you have a distributed workforce either working in remote offices from home or on the road, ensuring these users are backed-up can be a pain. The Ingbox™ Client Agent allows for all your users documents to be automatically backed up to a safe and secure location.

Offline access

Using the Ingbox™ Client Agent files can be pushed out to your remote teams, while they are online, allowing them to have offline access to all critical files required for their work.

Accountants & Bookkeepers

Client Records

With Ingbox™, accountants and bookkeepers can easily store client records they have on file. Once uploaded, these files are then protected by our advanced encryption methods, and then further protected by the permissions model.

Client Portal

Your clients can quickly ad simply upload confidential documents with a single simple link, no complex password creations as with virtual cabinets or insecure drop boxes or email.

Work Management

Manage client work quickly and efficiently, while meeting legislation requirements

Client Tracking

Read receipts and audit history of all documents

No cost set-up

Ingbox™ is free to set-up and does not require complicated training to use


Patient Records

Our clients use our system to manage patient databases of over 12,000 patient records. Rather than occupying office space with rows of filing cabinets and wasting time sorting through them, patient records can be quickly and securely searched and accessed by the medical professional that needs them. This enables these professionals to offer better care to their patients.

Dictation/Transcription Management

Through partnerships with transcription providers, surgeons can use a phone line to dictate a detailed record of a surgery. This dictation can then be transcribed, after which the surgeon can review and approve the transcription before submitting it to billing.

Digital Scans & X-Rays

In addition to patient records we can help archive and share (with trust) digital content such as Scans or X-Rays which enable our healthcare customers to efficiently provide access to vital information to assist in speedy diagnostic.

Solicitors & Legal

Client Records

With Ingbox™, solicitors and legal practices can easily store the large number of records they have on file. Once uploaded, these files are then protected by our advanced encryption methods, and then further protected by the permissions model.


Any case-related documents can be uploaded easily to a case folder. After this, all actions that are taken with the documents are tracked by the system, and the permissions model protects the documents themselves.

Deal Room

Using Ingbox™, your clients can quickly and securely upload relevant documents, such as financial records and contracts, to the deal room area. Should you need to, you can audit any document's history to view previous versions.

Creative Agencies & Photographers

Client Portfolios

With Ingbox™, creative agencies, artists, photographers and original content providers can have a safe secure method of sharing your content without giving it away.

Keep Control

Keep control of your content for example only allow viewing and not downloading of your content, so you can share your work without giving it away.


Ingbox™ allows you to monitor client access and track downloads and views of files and documents.


Workflows allow you to track the progress and stage of work and capture time, effort, and other information.

Client Cabinets

Keep client work organised in simple to use Cabinets.

Organise Work Submissions and Manage Field contributors

Ingbox™ allows you to manage your field staff content submissions to single URL links, such as video clips, photos or even when they are on the road. Links enable the team to upload directly to the correct client or correspondent cabinet, keeping all work automatically organised.